Cables, Cables, and yes, More Cables

Cables that we do have for $5  (In Assorted Lengths):

  • Parallel Printer Cables
  • 9-Pin to 9-Pin Serial Cables
  • 9-Pin to 25-Pin Serial Cables
  • 25-Pin to 25-Pin Serial Cables
  • 15-Pin VGA Monitor Cables
  • 15-Pin VGA Monitor Extension Cables
  • 40-Pin IDE Cables (Good for CD-Rom Drives)
  • 80-Pin IDE Cables (For Hard Drives)
  • 34-Pin Floppy Drive Cables
  • SATA Cables
  • SATA Power Adapter Cables
  • "Y" Power Adapters
  • Some 50-Pin SCSI Cables
  • Lots of other assorted cables (you would be surprised).

If there is something you are looking for that is not listed here send an email to info @ lighthouse-computer.com , we might have it or can get it for you.